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Our 2021 reflections

What a year you have been 2021! It’s that time when we reflect and we have summarised our major highlights below into 6 areas (or we would be here for ages talking away!)… Zero to million // With the world opening back up to normality it has meant that the world of weddings went from… Read more »

Radhika & You – The Trend Report 2021

As we start 2021, we stay hopeful for the year and that weddings will be able to happen once things settle globally. With that in mind, we have put together our top trend predictions for 2021 for the world of weddings… 1. Intimate weddings and events – We really feel that intimate events and weddings… Read more »

How we spent our 2020…

It’s that time again when we reflect on the year (and what a year it has been for us all hey!). We have been taking a look back through the highlights of the year and wanted to share them with you! Wedding postponements & planning It’s been a crazy year for the world of weddings…. Read more »

Pandemic reflections

What a crazy year we have all experienced so far this year – who would have actually thought this would have been the case hey? We have spent a lot of time reflecting since March 2021. We wanted to share our experience over the last 7 months with you. We’ve broken down our reflections into… Read more »

Warren House – Wedding editorial

Earlier this year, a team of talented suppliers came together to curate a inspirational wedding editorial and on 10 July 2020 it was featured in one of the largest global Indian wedding blogs – Wedding Sutra. Often it is so easy to just go with a look as it’s the colour of the year or… Read more »

18 top tips for planning an outdoor wedding

With ceremonies slowly starting to take place across the UK and abroad, many couples are opting for an intimate wedding and some of which that are outdoors. The beauty of an outdoor ceremony means that it allows guests the comfort when attending that the ceremony won’t be in a confined space and that they will… Read more »

3 top tips for styling an intimate wedding

Guest blog: 3 top tips for styling an intimate wedding by Sarita Babber from Lux Occasions Planning a wedding post-covid? No problem! If you think Covid-19 means wedding plans are disrupted, then think again! If anything, this gives us an opportunity for an intimate wedding – and with social distancing, imagine how much space that leaves… Read more »

Predictions from industry experts on how weddings will look after lockdown

We would be in the midst of wedding season right now. From doing final checks over plans with our couples on their plans, caterers checking over final numbers and placing stock orders, DJs finalising playlists with couples, florists checking over event design and order flowers, the list continues. However, the news of Covid-19 at the… Read more »