Wedding planning

Firstly, a big congratulations on your engagement!

We understand that planning and executing your dream wedding is a huge task in itself.

Nowadays we have busy lifestyles with stressful jobs, hectic social lives as well as trying to spend time with our loved ones. So, if you’re trying to plan your wedding at the same time as all of this, it can get stressful. This is often the reason couples need a helping hand from a professional and experienced team with their wedding planning.

Once seen as a luxury and expensive, wedding planners are now a ‘must have’! As professional wedding planners, we completely understand that there is so much to think about and that’s where our experience to date in the industry means that we can help you to plan, design and deliver your dream day.

From sourcing the perfect venue and styling it in a way that expresses your personality to support in managing your wedding budget, handling your various suppliers and ensuring that all that hard work is executed to perfection, our team at Radhika & You make it happen.

Each couple is different and they want to have a different level of involvement in the planning process and that is why we have different services for you…