Plan for Now sessions

Stressed with the current situation? Not sure of what to do with your wedding plans anymore and need support in navigating through the current period?

If you or someone you know is getting married and is in limbo and do not know what to do due to the changing restrictions, we have just the thing…

Introducing our PLAN FOR NOW sessions which include:

– A 60-minute call with Radhika.
– Help you plan ahead during the current times for the different scenarios based on your situation.
Post call we will email you your tailored plan of attack and our advice.

We will ensure we have got you covered for the road ahead!

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The sessions are currently only £100

Book into a session today!

Important notes:

– After you complete booking onto a Plan to Now session via the PayPal link above, click on ‘Return to Merchant’ where you will be directed to the page to book your session via our Calendly link.

– You will have the option to select when you would like to book in your session with us.

– All expertise will be based on the current factual information available and the information you provide in the call with us.

– Once a payment is made, the sale is non-refundable.