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Planning your perfect engagement

Engagement ceremonies are special as they symbolise the start of a new beginning for a couple. Traditionally in the Asian culture this marked as the couple officially being together publicly. This is a big thing. Typically Asian engagements are fairly big. At the engagement there are rituals that need to be done  and once these… Read more »

It’s all about the colour!

When planning your perfect event, it’s very easy to get carried away with different options. Keeping your theme consistent is central to delivering a well presented event and this can be easily achieved by starting off with identifying a colour scheme. We appreciate that it may be easier said than done when selecting your colour… Read more »

Hello & Welcome!

After a couple of crazy months, we’re excited to finally launch our brand new website! If you’re planning your big day or an event – look no further – we’ve got it all covered. You’ll be able to find the information you need on the site. Take a browse through our services’ pages to find… Read more »

We love curry!

As a nation in the UK, we really do love our Indian food. Curry is now widely recognised as a national dish, but it may surprise you that there are more curry houses in London than in Mumbai. The South West boasts a close relationship to curry, which has been developed over many centuries. Did… Read more »