We love curry!

As a nation in the UK, we really do love our Indian food.
Curry is now widely recognised as a national dish, but it may surprise you that there are more curry houses in London than in Mumbai.
The South West boasts a close relationship to curry, which has been developed over many centuries. Did you know the town of North Curry can be found in Somerset?
Our team share this love and have a long-standing relationship with a selection of high-end Indian restaurants. If you are looking for the perfect curry, we recommend the following…
Firstly, the noteworthy 4500 miles from Delhi can be found on the edge of the old city centre in Bristol. Their front of house is welcoming and the food is delightful.
If you have a finer palate, with restaurants in Bath and in the affluent Clifton area of Bristol, The Mint room offer exquisite atmosphere where you can really enjoy a fine dining experience. We recommend you make a reservation to experience it yourself.
If you are looking to put on a corporate or social event, why not email us to find out how we can bring your vision to life.