Planning your perfect engagement

Engagement ceremonies are special as they symbolise the start of a new beginning for a couple.
Traditionally in the Asian culture this marked as the couple officially being together publicly. This is a big thing. Typically Asian engagements are fairly big. At the engagement there are rituals that need to be done  and once these formalities are completed, the fun starts…
Yes, we know what you’re thinking – this is completely different from English engagements. Marriage is marked by a proposal happening and often there is an engagement party hosted by the couple to mark the celebration.
Regardless of the culture, you still want your engagement to stand out and be different from others, right? So, we’re put together some ideas for how you can do just that…
1) Theme your event around a specific idea – this can be something you and your partner both love like a destination, your favourite film (for example James Bond) or a colour theme.
2) Have a statement stage – they really create an impact for your event and add that wow factor!
3) Rather than having the bog-standard food, go for a menu that’ll be different and that’ll make your guests leave thinking ‘damn, that food was good’. There is nothing worse than your guests not enjoying the food and complaining about it.
4) Of course you need entertainment, but you need good entertainment – find a DJ or entertainment that’s different and that’ll wow your guests.
5) We are true lovers of small touches – thank you notes for your guests, cupcakes as giveaways or even homemade decor to create that authentic look at your engagement are just a couple of ideas. Something personalised always goes a long way too!
We hope that you’ve been inspired by our ideas! If you’re looking to plan your engagement or an event?Get in touch and lets start the planning!