Three misconceptions around wedding coordinators

When it comes to planning your big day, there are so many things to think about and organise.

You will be told things by people and some of those things will often not be true. We often hear myths about wedding coordination and today we’d like to iron those out. Here our the top three misconceptions we’ve heard and our responses:

1. “They don’t do anything different to your venue staff or caterer.”

Wrong – Wedding coordinators do so much more than you think. The coordinator, venue coordinator and caterer have different roles during the wedding day. Here’s a summary of each and how important they all are. For a successful wedding and for the day to run smoothly you need them all to work together efficiently:

  • Wedding day coordinator – they are handpicked by the couple and is an individual (or team) who you the couple handover to, 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day. They will be the key contact for all your suppliers and coordinate with them prior to your wedding as well as oversee your wedding day and coordinate your suppliers on the day.
  • Caterer – your catering team is one of the most important suppliers for your wedding day without fail. Without them, guests would not eat! Your caterers would typically manage the communication between the kitchen and waiting staff and possibly your DJ that food is ready so that they can announce to guests to be seated to eat. Apart from that your catering event manager will not be worried about the specifics you’ve agreed with your suppliers, your dhol player arriving on time for your entrance, your venue styling set up the way you’ve agreed with your suppliers.
  • Venue coordinator – these are the lovely people you speak to when booking your venue directly and are included in your package. The thing that gets confusing for couples is that they often think the venue coordinator does what a wedding day coordinator does. But, they don’t… A venue coordinator works for the venue you’ve booked. They will look after the logistics from the venues perspective, rather than the rest of your suppliers and what your coordinator does.

2. “The family can do it.”

Wrong – On the day, your family and friends will be caught up with getting ready, enjoying the celebrations and taking part in the ceremony – it is impossible for them to also run around after suppliers and deal with logistics on the day.

Coordinators will handover from you 4-6 weeks before your big day. This includes all supplier details, logistics plans, specifics for the day and so much more. Your coordinator is you key contact for your wedding and from the point of handover they will deal with your suppliers, venue and manage all plans. They are there first in the morning through to the end of the day, ensuring everything is running to plan.

Let your loved ones enjoy the celebrations.

3. “The day will just fall into place and the suppliers know what they need to do.”

Wrong – Yes, suppliers know what they need to do, but on the day it will be chaotic for the various suppliers during the day and especially if you have multiple turnarounds. So by having a wedding day coordinator it firstly gives your suppliers and venue a key point of contact and secondly the coordinator will ensure the events during the day happen when they are meant to happen. Your coordinator will ensure all suppliers are singing off the same hymn sheet.

Do you want to find out more about wedding day coordination? Why not get in touch with us to find out more!