The Supplier Interview Series – Pooja Shah Artistry

Hello and welcome to our second edition of The Supplier Interview Series! This month is someone very special to us – it’s one of our friends, Pooja from Pooja Shah Artistry. Enjoy her interview with us over a cuppa!
Ok, so firstly can you introduce yourself and give us an overview of Pooja Shah Artistry please?
Hello, my name is Pooja Shah and I’m the Artist and Creative Director of Pooja Shah Artistry. I began my journey into the world of Hair and Makeup Artistry back in 2011 out of sheer passion for the art behind hairstyling and the application of makeup. Little did I know at that point that this would open up several other doors for me.
A couple of years later, in 2013, I decided to venture into one of my childhood hobbies of henna and turn it into a business. Being a self-taught henna artist meant that I was able to develop my own style.

Aside from bridal henna, I also offer a service for personalised gifts and wedding favours and have been known for designing products that have the ‘wow’ factor. My clients come to me when they are looking for something that is not mass produced and cannot therefore be available in the marketplace.
So to sum it up, Pooja Shah Artistry is all about the Bride and what she needs for her big day, be it in the form of hair and makeup, henna or a little something for her to give to her bridesmaids and guests to take home with them. We are continually growing and always willing to create something new for our clients, whilst staying true to their vision.

Could you tell us a little more about how you work with your clients? Do you have a set process?
So the way I work is quite simple. I start by assessing my clients’ features to understand how I can enhance them. I guess I have a set process to some extent, however I do understand that every client is different and therefore my process has to be tailored accordingly. I select my products according to my client’s skin and ask them whether they are sensitive to any particular product. With hair, I always ask my clients to prepare their hair for me in a specific way so it’s ready for me to work with. I try and make the entire session as relaxing for my client as possible and try and enjoy it just as much. After all it’s not every day that girls get pampered as much as they do on their big day hey!

What is it that you love about your job? Where do you get your inspiration from?
As a bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, there is immense pressure on us and our work, because a brides’ self-confidence is riding on how we have made her look. So leaving a bride knowing that she is genuinely happy and excited to walk down the aisle, is one of the most important things for any artist. For me, when a bride says to me ‘I’m so happy with how you’ve made me look, it’s better than I expected’, is a feeling that is indescribable and this in itself is my biggest form of inspiration and motivation. Walking down a path where I can spread happiness through my work is something I have always wanted to do.
Another thing I love about my job is knowing that no two jobs are the same. I love that every client is different which means I get to work with different personalities and challenges. As with every job, there are challenges. But learning how to overcome these challenges is all part of the passion and love I have for what I do.

Do you have a signature style you create on your brides?
I am known for having a natural style when it comes to makeup, however I wouldn’t say I have a signature style. I believe it’s important to be versatile in this industry as every client wants to look unique.

Is there anything in your job that is challenging? If so, what do you do to overcome it?
As with all jobs, mine too comes with its fair share of challenges. From bridezillas to emotional brides, I see it all. But you can’t blame them, it is after all their big day! The way I tend to overcome most of my challenges is by staying calm. Patience is something that every supplier has to have in the industry we are in. Without it, we could only make situations worse. So when you know that a bride is going through plenty of emotions, understandably, I believe that the best thing to do is be supportive and calm.
Who would be your ideal bride?
This one’s a toughie! I don’t think it’s something I have ever really thought about. I guess that’s because I’ve been very lucky that most of the brides I have had so far have turned into friends and what could be more ideal than a bride you really get along with. For me every bride is an ideal bride in her own way 🙂
Do you prefer when a bride lets you get creative or would you rather have creative direction from a bride?
I love it when a bride lets me get creative, but I equally love it when a bride knows what she wants, as long as I get to do what I love and she is happy with the end result.

What else do you provide as a supplier?
As previously mentioned, Pooja Shah Artistry offer more than just hair, makeup and henna services. We offer our couples with plenty of decorative options for their big day from place card holders and table décor, to wedding/party favours and other personalised gifts. If you have a creative vision, we can help you bring it to life!

Tell us some fun facts about you!

  • I grew up in Kenya and have only lived in the UK for a little over a decade, and so on hearing this many people ask me whether I had lions as pets. The answer is – I wish!
  • The first reaction that I get from most of my clients when they see me is oh wow you’re so tiny! Yes, I’m only 5ft with a makeup kit almost as big as me. It’s definitely classed as a challenge in my opinion lol.
  • I love travelling, it’s a bug I can’t seem to get out of my system. I have had the pleasure to be a part of a wedding in Monte Carlo whereby I was hired to do some Henna. An experience I will always cherish!

Get in touch with the lovely Pooja using one of the following:

07912 627571
[email protected]
Instagram: @pooja_shah_hairandmakeup

If you’re planning an event or your big day, get in touch with us for a free consultation over a cuppa and cake to see how we can help with the initial important stages of planning to the decor and design element and the final on the day execution.