The role of your wedding coordinator on your big day

A wedding coordinator has many important roles on the day as they help things to run smoothly from logistics, liaise with your suppliers and so much more.

In this article we wanted to highlight some of the roles they will play on your big day itself:

  • They will be one of the first people on site on the day to ensure your wedding is being set up as agreed with your suppliers.
  • They will orchestrate all of your suppliers on the day and ensure everyone is where they need to be and set up on time. (We’ve always found wedding coordination is essential for this reason and especially on the larger Asian weddings, as there are often more than 15 suppliers and a lot of detail!)
  • Your wedding coordinator will work on your behalf – they are handpicked by you, to deliver your vision with your suppliers on the day.
  • They will be the ones who get the bride from her room for her big ceremony entrance, help get the bridal party where they need to be during the ceremony, the couple ready for the reception party entrance and also their first dance.
  • They will help to ensure the day runs smoothly and on time.
  • The things you may have bought for your wedding such as your guest book, favours and ceremony leaflets they will put these out for you, so you don’t have the stress of delegating to family or even yourself.

This is just some of the highlights of what role your wedding coordinator will play but there is so much more. Do you want to find out more about wedding day coordination? Why not get in touch with us to find out more!