Our UK Weddings Trend Report

As 2016 has just gone and 2017 has begun, we have had some time to reflect on the trends from last year and predict what will be big this year! So grab a cuppa and have a read…
Décor, décor, décor…
We had to start with décor as it’s one of the services we pride ourselves in providing wedding and event design packages and décor packages.
Over the last year décor has become even more of a higher priority for couples now with so many ideas, themes and the wonderful world of Pinterest inspiring brides constantly. This will continue over 2017 and 2018 and couples will be really scoping out their wedding décor design to create a visually unique wedding.

The year that floral got even bigger…
From the smaller details using flowers to full on statement centrepieces and flower walls. Floral décor was big in 2016 as flowers really do work wonders and create such as beautiful look. With flowers you are not limited to one theme as they work well with various décor themes from whimsical, romantic and luxurious to vintage, bohemian to bold and bright!
Floral is definitely going to continue to grow this year too! So watch out for those floral pieces… And with this year’s Pantone colour of the year being ‘Greenery’ of course it completely works hand in hand in with this theme. So expect lots of beautiful flowers and foliage!

Image credit: Belle The Magazine

Bold, beautiful yet elegant decor…
Staying with décor, statement pieces last year were at a peak with couples opting for a selection of different centrepieces and having a handful of tables with statement pieces to create a wow factor! Whether it was oversized floral pieces and hanging pieces to quirky unique pieces… But fear not, they are not going anywhere anytime soon! 2017 will continue to see big and bold statement pieces and we cannot wait to incorporate them into our set ups for this year!

Image credit: Pinterest

Mood lighting…
Décor and lighting sit perfectly together. Couples are starting to see how important mood lighting is and the effect it creates. It really transforms a room from mediocre magenta walls to lighting beaming up the walls to match the colour theme.
Flashing lights…
For the last year or two light up letters have continued to stay in demand for all types of events – they really do add that wow factor! Typically people were opting for the ‘LOVE’ before however over the last year couples in particular have been opting for the ‘MR&MRS’ and have started getting even more personalised using names, surnames and initials with the MR&MRS.
At social events such as corporate balls and charity functions the likes of brand names have been used to create an impact in the entrances as well as a great photo focal point for attendees, as well as brand awareness.
With all roads heading to fully personalised weddings from start to finish, light up letters will play a large part in adding that extra sparkle to the overall design.
Big entrances…
Many couples want to enter their wedding in an elaborate style. Whether it’s a flash mob or arrival in quirky transport, or maybe a silhouette entrance or a pre wedding video to showcase before the entrance… the options are endless! So look out for more unique wedding entrances in 2017!
Food, food and more food…
Last year saw the rise in couples having more bespoke food menus instead of the traditional menus at their weddings. So, bringing in their personalities through their favourite foods as well as having more than 3 courses.
Also, dessert tables, cupcake bars and doughnut displays have become uber popular and they definitely look amazing as well as hit the spot for that sugar rush urge!
This will definitely be big this year as after all who doesn’t love food?!

Image credit: Kalm Kitchen

1, 2, 3 say cheese!
Photo booths have been around for some time as people want to capture their wedding guests having fun! Over the last year photo booths have got more creative from the original classic style to now open booths, DIY booths, customisable green walls, themed to match your wedding and the list goes on.
Also, video booths are more popular as guests get to record messages for the couple too which again add that level of personalisation!
Destination and secret location weddings…
Finally, one of our favourite trends! Couples as we mentioned are always looking to do something different from the crowd and destination or secret location weddings are a great way to do this depending on the budget.
Destination weddings are a great way for couples to have their wedding abroad in a place that means something to them with their nearest there.
Secret location weddings are a pretty cool concept as the guests only find out on the day where the wedding will take place. Guests are invited to a meeting point and travel together on a coach to the wedding venue. This works perfectly for those unique venues to create that jaw-drop effect for your guests when they arrive.

We cannot wait to put these trends into action in 2017 for our lovely clients. So, if you’re planning an event or your big day, get in touch with us for a free consultation over a cuppa and cake to see how we can help with the initial important stages of planning to the decor and design element and the final on the day execution.