The difference between a wedding coordinator, venue coordinator and a caterer?

Over the years whilst working in the wedding industry and with various couples we often get asked questions such as “what are the current wedding day trends?”, “what are the best suppliers for X?” and one of the most popular questions is “what’s the difference between a wedding day coordinator and our venue coordinators / our catering company?”.
As many of you will know, so much effort goes into planning a wedding and there is a lot at stake to deliver on the day. So, having a wedding day coordinator is so important. It’s crazy to hear when couples are told that they don’t need a coordinator for their special day as the catering team will oversee everything or the venue will.
To make things clearer we are going to take you through the differences between a wedding coordinator, catering team and venue coordinator and what each does and doesn’t do. They all have important roles on your big day, so let’s go through each in details…
A wedding day coordinator
A wedding day coordinator is hired directly by a couple to oversee their special day. They specialise in providing thisservice and are dedicated to your wedding day. Radhika one of our owners describes it the following:

An Asian wedding day coordinator is an individual (or team) who you will handover to 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding day. They will be the key contact for all your suppliers and coordinate with them prior to your wedding as well as oversee your wedding day and coordinate your suppliers on the day. – Radhika, Owner & Wedding Planner

Here are some of the benefits:

  • We work with your suppliers from the moment you hand over to us.
  • We care about all details in terms of all suppliers and their set up requirements and we will check over the set up as per the way you’ve agreed in your contract with them!
  • We will complete those smaller bits for that you need help with setting up and putting out, that others may not do.
  • We will be the main point of contact on the day for all suppliers.
  • We have your best interests in mind throughout the run up to your big day as well as of course on the day itself!

As wedding day coordinators we are booked by you, to work for you and to deliver your vision and work with your suppliers to do this.
Catering team
Your catering team is one of the most important suppliers for your wedding day without fail. Without them, guests would not eat! Caterers have a team present on your event day with chefs, kitchen manger and front of house including waiting staff and an event manager.
Typically, the catering event manager role is portrayed to manage everything for you similar to a wedding day coordinator, which isn’t 100% true. Often caterers will say to a couple they will event manage your big day, which isn’t correct. They typically manage the communication between the kitchen, waiting staff and possibly your DJ that food is ready so that they can announce to guests to be seated to eat.
Apart from that your catering event manager will not be worried about the specifics you’ve agreed with your suppliers, your dhol player arriving on time for your entrance, your venue styling set up the way you’ve agreed with your suppliers.
Venue coordinators
So last up are venue coordinators. These are the lovely people you speak to when booking your venue directly.
The thing that gets confusing for couples is that they often think the venue coordinator does what a wedding day coordinator does. BUT, they don’t… A venue coordinator works for the venue you’ve booked.
They are the individuals who can answer any of your queries about the venue and are your point of contact at the venue until the big day arrives. The venue coordinators will ensure that the operational team from the venue are briefed with your wedding day requirements in terms of set up for the ceremony and reception. They will also receive a list of all the suppliers and their arrival times.
However, things that you may not realise are the following:

  • The venue coordinator you’ve been speaking to since booking the venue may not be there on your big day. More than likely there will be an events manager and operations manager on site who will be there to assist with venue related queries and logistics.
  • They do not check over your set up and allow your suppliers to proceed with set up. With a specialist coordinator they will checking over your set up as per your handover guidance.
  • They don’t get involved with the finer details a wedding day coordinator does such as setting up items for you.

In summary, as you can see each person has an important role in your big day, but they are all different.
If you’re planning an event or your big day, get in touch with us for a free consultation over a cuppa and cake to find out more and see how we can help with the initial important stages of planning to the decor and design element and the final on the day execution.