Wedding Day Coordination

You’ve planned your wedding day; all your suppliers have been booked and now you’re thinking how will it all come together on the day?

You may have surprises organised or maybe you just don’t want to tell your loved ones about all the details you have planned and want them to have that ‘wow-factor’ on your big day. This is why a lot of couples opt for a wedding day coordinator.

Our wedding day coordination service allows couples to plan their big day but gives them the benefit of one of our professional teams being there on the day to ensure it runs smoothly as possible and to see through the couple’s planning.

Our team will be the central point of contact for you and your suppliers which really helps to take away the stress for you, your other half and your families on the day.

One month before the big day we will do a handover with you and from that point we will work closely with your supplier team. On the day itself, we will work with all suppliers, help ensure the day runs on time, overseeing the turnarounds and that all aspects are set up from the larger details to the finer ones.

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