Saira & Bilal | The mendhi night

We pride ourselves with what we do and how we cater for a diverse range of clientele. With various customs and requirements to consider, we are able to recognise, relate and provide a smoothly planned event. Whether it’s a traditional English wedding, an Indian engagement or a Asian mendhi party – we’ve got it covered.
We recently worked with a lovely bride called Saira and her family, who contacted us about planning Saira’s mendhi night (pre-wedding henna party).
The family wanted bright and fun colours for the mendhi so we provided them with a variety of options which we felt would provide the perfect backdrop to evening. From bright coloured stages to floral displays as options, our aim was to bring these all together to meet the Saira’s brief.
After going through these ideas with the family, they really liked one of our favourite stage displays. It was a multi-coloured fabric backdrop with grand golden chairs for our bride-to-be to sit on. There were also matching mats and cushions placed in front of the stage, so the guests could gather and have a traditional sing along, known as a Dholki.
Our wedding planner Radhika was on site to oversee the event. This is something that comes inclusive when booking services with us. When we arrived at the venue, our client required last minute changes which we were easily able to accommodate. To finish of the theme, Radhika also up-lit the main hall to add ambience to complete the look!
As well as decor we looked after the entertainment side of things. The family love dancing and so providing the DJ was easy as we had the perfect team in mind – Encore Vision & Sound. This locally based versatile team of DJs made sure the music was on point and the guests had a good dance.
Fundamentally, we ensured that the family were happy and worked with them to ensure their event was a success!
We always welcome feedback from our clients about their experience. Here’s a lovely message from the family:
“Dear Radhika, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the stage at my sisters mehndi yesterday, I thought the stage was beautiful and you were very approachable and friendly as well.” – Haajarah – Sister of Bride
Whatever the occasion, whatever you need – whether it’s the small touches or the full planning packages – contact us as we’d love to help you.