International Women’s Day – The Wedding industry Special

Being an entrepreneur can have it’s pros and cons, but for us all there would have been a reason we started our businesses in the first place. What really helps us is having a network of amazing entrepreneurs around us who we can bounce off, have the same values as us, as well as have the same love of coffee and cake as we do!

So with International Women’s Day being today (Friday 8 March) we asked fellow female entrepreneurs in the wedding industry to complete the following sentence: “I started my business because…” and to get a buzz going around our passions as women in business!

To get things started here is Radhika’s response:

“I started my own business because I have always had a love for organising events and being creative. I really wanted to turn my passion into my full time career. So, I felt I could really do this by launching my wedding planning business in 2014 and I haven’t looked back since. I love being my own boss!

Also, being an entrepreneur runs in my blood as my family run their own business as well.”

Here’s what some amazing ladies came back with:

Company: Melanie Todd Cake Design // Business link: // Location: Somerset

“I started my business because I wanted to be more independent and do something I could be proud of.”

Company: Niche Flowers // Business link: // Location: Leicester

“I started my business because I have three beautiful daughters and I wanted to be a role model to them. My priorities when they were younger were the family but then I realised that as a women we are required to wear multiple hats and if I didn’t lead by example my girls would lack the confidence to be able to manage all those different roles and responsibilities – they inspired me to do what I wanted to not what was expected of me and so I followed my heart and even though I have a full time job I run my businesses with great determination and they help me in business – my mini entrepreneurs.

Company: Sangeeta Dewan Coaching // Business link: // Location: Bristol

“I started my Life coaching 2 years ago because I want to empower people to create change so they can live a peaceful, healthy and joyful life.”

Company: Sonal Dave // Business link: // Location: London

“I started my Toastmaster, Celebrant and Public Speaking Coach at the age of 50 after being treated unfairly in a job where I had worked for over 20 years.

I love working with people, making them smile and be happy by having special, unique and memorable events and at the same time supporting, guiding and inspiring to be more confident with communications

I am also a magistrate, actress, singer and work with children’s charities.”

Company: Bath Bridal Hair // Business link: // Location: Bath

“I started my business because I wanted to be in control of my own destiny.

It’s gone from strength to strength over three years and it’s the best move I ever made.”

Company: Gold Dust Events // Business link: on Instagram // Location: Leicester

“I started coordinating because I saw a lack of personal touch on weddings I feel people take a whole day out for a wedding but don’t even get recognised once They attend. Also another reason was brides and grooms are really getting ripped of. They may choose the wrong suppliers and I would just like to assist them to the right path I am based in Leicester travel all over as a freelancer. My aim is to make sure your event is what you dreamt of. I coordinate on the day and plan for the day.”

Company: Mehndi by julie // Business link: // Location: London

“I started my business because I am my own boss.”

Company: GG Wedding and Events // Business link: // Location: The Hague & Marbella

“I started my business because I love the beauty of weddings and I love giving my brides and grooms the best day ever!”

Company: Hire Societies // Business link: // Location: West Sussex

“I started my business because I turned 40 and needed ti get back into my passion.”

Company: Badel Designs // Business link: // Location: London

“I started my business because I wanted the creative freedom to design and bring peoples visions to life.”

Company: Red Maple Photography // Business link: // Location: Cotswold

” I started my business because I wanted to control my work life balance and release my creativity without feeling controlled.”

Company: The London Beauty Stylist // Business link: // Location: London

“I started my own business because I wanted to be able to make money from doing something I loved, and be free to dictate my own hours!”

Company: Jem Bespoke // Business link: // Location: Midlands

“I started my business because I wanted to be my own boss, spend as much time with my kids as possible and be a role model to them.”

Company: Aarti Popat Interior Design // Business link:  // Location: London

“I started my own business because I was fed up of someone above me always having the final say in creative direction. I wanted to create my own beautifully layered interior schemes for clients with a focus on using narrative to tell their story in their interiors!”

Company: Nikaza Asian Couture // Business link: // Location: London

“I started my business because I wanted flexibility in life, be able to earn money in something I enjoy doing. While supporting my family I am able to grow as a person and experience life in a different way by being my own boss.”

Company: White Rose Occasions // Business link: // Location: Yorkshire & Humber

“I started my own business after working for 30 years in the childcare industry from lecturing to training and owning a day nursery.

Being made redundant and so I decided no more paper work with a little exception! Decide to be a wedding planner.”

Company: Host Venue Consultancy // Business link: // Location: South Gloucestershire

“I started my own business because I wanted more freedom to be with my family.”

Company: PS Artistry // Business link: // Location: North London

“I started my own business because I wanted to follow my passion.”

Company: The White Collection Bridal // Business link: // Location: Bristol

“I started my own business because I wanted to show that becoming a mother shouldn’t mean I put an end to following my own dreams.” 

Company: Working Mum Association // Business link: // Location: London

“I started the Working Mum Association because I never want working mums to feel like they’re alone on their journey. Instead we’re here to support, inspire and motivate them every step of the way.”

Company: Vera’s Crochet // Business link: // Location: Bristol

“I started my own business because I wanted to share my hobby with others and see them enjoying my creations.”

Company: Creative Cakes by Vickie // Business link: www.Facebook.Com/creativecakes1 // Location: Weston Super Mare, operational throughout the UK

“I started my own business because I knew that my children were dependent on me being able to provide for them and that the only way they would learn the value of money was to show them that hard work pays off!”

Company: Floral Creation // Business link: Location: Bury

“I love creativity, being creative and have never been academic.”

Company: Vallisa Chauhan // Business link: // Location: London

“I felt there was not enough female DJs and I got fed with men trying to take control.”

Company: Amanda Karen Photography // Business link: // Location: London

“It was my passion and I love telling people’s stories.”

Company: Norton Flowers // Business link: // Location: Bristol

“I had a toddler and a new born and I wanted to work from home to spend more time with them.”

Company: Fruity Art Bristol // Business link: // Location: Bristol

“Because I love what I do.”

We absolutely loved hearing what our fellow wedding industry entrepreneurs had to say! Remember, amazing things will always happen when you support your peers and work collaborative! We are true believers in this!