How to get wedding guest numbers down for an Asian wedding?

With being Asian wedding planners and stylists in the UK and internationally, we understand that planning and executing your dream Asian wedding is a huge task in itself. From your wedding guest numbers adding up into the hundreds, sourcing the perfect venue and unique venue styling that expresses your personality, to managing your budget, trying to handle that ever-growing supplier list and of course ensuring that all that hard work in planning your dream day is executed to perfection.
Today we wanted to talk to you about getting your wedding guest numbers down, as an Asian wedding can range anything from 200 (which is very intimate for an Asian wedding) to 800 plus! Yes, you read it right, 800… And we’ve planned and styled a wedding of 800 guests so we have seen it with our own eyes!
However, your guest numbers will determine several key things in the planning process including a few of the below:

  • The minimum budget
  • Venue size
  • Catering
  • Venue styling in selected venue

Here are Radhika’s top tips on getting your numbers down for your big day:

  1. Extended (extended!) family – With Asian families, not only do you have your large immediate family with uncles, aunites and cousins – you also have your parents cousins’ families and their children. The list quite literally goes on! Times are changing and you have every right to trim the numbers down – for example only invite the elders from the extended family for the wedding and the extended cousins for the reception.
  2. The plus ones – Unless they’re engaged, pretty much engaged or living together, you don’t have to invite them. Remember, you’re paying per head for each guest, not them!
  3. The ‘friends’ that you speak to once a year – You may have been the greatest of friends many moons ago, but relationships can change. If you haven’t seen them in ages to catch up over a cuppa or food or haven’t spoken to them in forever on the phone, don’t feel bad for not inviting them!
  4. The co-workers – Unless you are serious besties with the people you work with, don’t feel pressured to invite them just because they are in your department or you have worked with them.
  5. Online friends – We all have a handful of people on our social media accounts that we don’t know very well or have met literally like once! Don’t feel like you have to invite them!

We hope that’s helped you think about different ways to cut down your ever-growing guest numbers!
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