Benefits of a destination wedding

With destination weddings continuing to rise with popularity and more and more Asian couples opting for them, we wanted to share with you some of our top benefits of having your big day abroad.

Intimate wedding

We all know how easy it is for Asian wedding numbers to rise up into the crazy hundreds and we’ve seen it first-hand. With opting for a destination wedding, you are able to reduce your numbers down to 100-200. This opens up your potential to more venue options and destinations as well as reducing some of your costs too!

Views for days

Having a wedding abroad means you can have your wedding outdoors and overlooking the most beautiful views, creating a picturesque setting for your ceremony!

Holiday vibes

When planning your wedding overseas your nearest and dearest are travelling there to be attend especially for you and your other half. For some guests it can also become a short holiday which is always nice, enabling them to explore the destination. (Did you know we can organise trips for your guests too?)

Picture perfect

Wedding photos and videos are your lasting memory for your big day once it’s all over. With having your wedding in a dreamy destination, it means that your wedding photos will be breathtakingly amazing and your media team can get even more creative – especially if you have a great media team booked!

Less stress

Planning a wedding can get stressful due to the logistics involved. The same can often apply to planning a wedding abroad. Although there may be less suppliers involved, there are a lot of things to consider such as restrictions, the language barriers and communicating with local teams and also understanding the logistics in the country. However, be rest assured there are wedding planners who specialise in planning destination weddings. This means we can help with these elements as well as all other aspects of the planning and ensure you have less to worry about, so can enjoy the run up to the big day!

Looking to get married abroad? Schedule in your complimentary consultation with Radhika or Shindy. We will discuss your destination wedding in more detail and see how we can plan and design your dream Asian wedding.