7 top tips to find your dream wedding dress

We understand that planning and executing your dream wedding can be super stressful and one element of the process is finding the dream wedding dress.
There are so many aspects to consider including looking at your personal style, the neckline you like, the textures, colours and your body type (and so much more).
Rhea, our Wedding Assistant Intern has put together her top tips for picking your dream wedding dress.

  • Timing: Give yourself enough time, perhaps more time than you think you may need. If you’re indecisive on what dress you want, it could take up to a year searching and you may change your mind in the process too.
  • Be inspired: Take some time looking online on wedding blogs, looking at different designers and their latest campaigns and event a bit of Pinterest gathering ideas and inspiration on different wedding dress styles. Think about the style and specific colours if you have a set theme for your wedding day.
  • Comfort is key: Think about some dresses you already feel comfortable in. If one certain style, colour and/or fit that makes you feel incredible – then definitely consider a similar fitting and style for your wedding dress.
  • Fit the destination: If you are getting married abroad, take into consideration the weather, venue and theme. You won’t want heavy materials weighing you down in a hot country!
  • Appointments: Book an appointment in advance for a consultation. Many boutiques will be very busy on the weekends, so book a fitting as soon as possible for the start of a week, instead of the weekend and try to get an early morning appointment.
  • Budget: Before you start the process of dress hunting, have an idea on your budget and especially if you are having different dresses for your pre wedding events, wedding day and reception party. It is important to advise the consultants in the bridal boutique, so they are clear about what your boundaries are when advising you on dresses.
  • The bridal party: Try to not bring too many people to your fitting. Only considering bringing a few trusted family members a friends, as you want to use your own instinct on which dress you feel best in. Your opinion matters the most!

[Beautiful outfits above designed by Dina Kashap London]
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