5 top tips for planning your Asian destination wedding

Destination weddings are continuing to increase in demand each year. Some of the benefits of a wedding abroad include hot climates, dreamy views, having your ceremony outside and the options continue – it is the way forward for many couples.
Being international Asian wedding planners and stylists, we understand that planning and executing your dream Asian wedding is a huge task in itself in the UK, let alone in another country without an expert planner!
To help you get started in planning your Asian destination wedding, Radhika has put together her top 5 tips…

  1. The most important thing to consider is your budget and to work out if a destination wedding will be feasible. There is a misconception that destination weddings are cheaper than UK weddings. This is NOT the case.
  2. Working out how many guests you will have is key! This will help to determine your minimum budget required when talking to your wedding planner or venue and suppliers.
  3. Have an understanding of the location you and your other half are thinking about tying the knot in. Each country varies in terms of venues, settings, weather and cost. Have a think about if you want your ceremony overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean, having an iconic landmark such as the Burj Al Arab as your backdrop to your wedding or a picturesque Italian vineyard.. This is just the tip of the endless dreamy options available. As well as this, you of course want to pick a destination that means something to you and your other half!
  4. You may think we are being bias but we really would advise you book a wedding planner who specialised in destination weddings. There is so much to factor in and it can take up to 300+ hours as a minimum on average to plan a wedding abroad. Planning a wedding is not as straightforward as you think and especially abroad. There is so much time spent talking to suppliers (and trying to overcome the language barrier!), finding the perfect suppliers to be apart of your wedding team and looking for your dream venue as well as trying to keep to your desired budget.
  5. Send out your save the date cards as soon as you have set the date for your big day, even if you are still in the process of finalising your venue.

Looking to get married abroad? Schedule in your consultation with Radhika or Shindy to discuss your destination wedding in more detail and see how we can plan and design your dream Asian wedding.